Afam Osigwe, SAN Advocates for Better Remuneration of Lawyers at the Remuneration Chat with Lawyers in Umuahia

The Chairman of the NBA Remuneration Committee, Afam Osigwe, SAN, had an insightful and comprehensive discussion on Friday, 7th June 2024, with our colleagues of the Nigerian Bar Association, Umuahia Branch, on the crucial need to enforce and abide by the provisions of the Remuneration Order 2023.

During the session tagged Remuneration Chat, Afam Osigwe, SAN, emphasized the importance of adhering to the stipulated guidelines to ensure fair and equitable compensation within the legal profession. He highlighted the challenges faced by legal practitioners in terms of remuneration and underscored how the Remuneration Order 2023 addresses these issues comprehensively.

He also provided detailed explanations on the various aspects of the Remuneration Order, ensuring that our colleagues fully understood its implications and benefits. He encouraged active participation and collaboration among members to uphold these standards, thereby fostering a more sustainable and professional legal environment.

This engagement was not only informative but also a call to action for all members to commit to the principles outlined in the Remuneration Order 2023, ensuring that the profession continues to thrive with integrity and fairness.