A quintessential gentleman, Uba Anene is a renowned legal practitioner with a rich litigation experience in Lagos and Awka, spanning over thirty-five years.

He was born more than five decades ago at Onitsha to Aforka Ugboma and Oyidi Anene (nee Nwokafor) of Umuonaga Village, Awka, and is married with three children.

Uba Anene began his legal career with the law firm of Andrew Onejeme & Associates, Western House, Broad Street, Lagos, before switching over to Edozie & Edozie, Unity House, Marina, Lagos.

He later established the law firm of Uba Anene & Co. (Starchambers) first at Ojo, later relocated to Ikeja, Lagos.

In 2006 he established his Awka office as a partnership at No. 69 Zik Avenue, Awka under the name of Standard Trust Solicitors.

Uba Anene has held several positions of leadership and trust, which include;
a. Chairman of Awka Ambassadors’ Club.
b. Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association, Awka Branch.
c. Chairman of the Committee of Chairmen of Nigerian Bar Associations, Anambra State.
d. Chairman of Awka Indigenous Advocates Inc.
e. Chairman of St. Simon’s Zone, SS. John & Paul Catholic Church, Awka.
f. President of National Association of Catholic Lawyers (NACL), Awka Diocese.
g. General Secretary of Agulu-Awka Progressive Union.
h. Member of the National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association.
i. Member of the Knights of St. John International.
j. Member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association.
k. Holder of the traditional chieftaincy title of Eko Awka II of Awka.

Uba Anene, who loves to engage in creative writing, reading, dancing, Swimming and other recreational sporting activities, belongs to several Professional organisations and is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.

He may be reached by the following means:

a. Office: 69 Zik Avenue, Awka.
b. Residence: 23 B Zik Avenue, Awka.
c. Mailing: P. O. Box 1648 Awka
d. E-mail: starchambersco@yahoo.com/ubaanene@gmail.com
e. Telephone: 08033033313.