My attention has been drawn to the statement issued by another representative of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) cubicle politicians behind the plan to hijack and destroy the legal profession in Nigeria in the person of the current NBA National Treasurer, one Mrs. Mercy Agada, who exposed their plan to stoke “rebellion among Body of BENCHER” and to employ the NBA in “scattering the table”. She referred to “we” several times and threatened that “NBA AGC will witness daily protest”.

It is very unfortunate that the hirelings are blinded by their inordinate greed. Destruction is in their DNA hence nothing is sacred to them. They are bent on further desecrating the Legal Profession in Nigeria more than they have done already. The conversion of the NBA to their platform to wage war against leaders of the Bar in Nigeria is most unfortunate and conclusive proof that the NBA is being used by the destructive clique as a front to further their mission to decimate the Bar in Nigeria. The veil is already removed and the face of NBA political masquerades and their supporters are being further exposed.

I deem it necessary to remind them that the Nigerian Bar Association is registered with the CAC under Part C of the Company and Allied Matters Act as a voluntary association of lawyers like any other association in Nigeria. The NBA is not a creation of Statute and the mention of the NBA in any statute is a legal aberration that does not alter its ordinariness contrary to the false impression being sustained to puff NBA up as a monopoly.

I am aware that the ongoing proposed amendment to the Legal Practitioners Act by the Body of Benchers to prevent further violation of the right of Nigerian lawyers to freely belong to any association of their choice and to better regulate the Legal profession is at the root of the current war against the Body of Benchers by the NBA political entrepreneurs. They are simply struggling to protect their business interest in the NBA. It is high time the arrogant monopoly of the NBA over Nigerian lawyers is curtailed. Nigerian lawyers should stop being deceived. They should study the proposed amendment to the Legal Practitioners Act vis-a-vis the extant LPA to fully understand the reason for the on-going war against the Body of Benchers under the guise of campaigning against a letter written by a non-member of the Body of Benchers.

Contrary to the NBA clique grandstanding, the Body of Benchers is the only statutory body empowered to regulate the Legal Profession in Nigeria hence is not subject to the NBA or its handlers. Rather, all lawyers in Nigeria are subject to the Body of Benchers’ regulation.

The appointment of any lawyer as member of the Body of Benchers imposes on them higher responsibility and loyalty to the Legal Profession over and above the NBA. The NBA has no power to remove any member of the Body of Benchers (including those nominated by the NBA) under any guise. The manipulators of the NBA cannot stoke rebellion within or decimate the Body of Benchers by attacking its Chairman. Members of the Body of Benchers are more distinguished, honourable and matured leaders of the Legal Profession. NBA is not the Legal Profession in Nigeria. The Legal Profession is greater than the NBA.

The Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee has been existing under the Body of Benchers from time immemorial hence its procedure is not the true reason for the current truancy. The Body of Benchers as a statutory body cannot bow or cringe to the NBA. The era of NBA deceitful monopoly is over for good. The Legal Profession shall flourish better, freed from the NBA monopoly.


Olasupo Ojo, Esq.
August 8, 2022