In anticipation of the highly anticipated 2023 NBA Annual General Conference (NBA-AGC) scheduled to take place from 25th Aug to 1st September, hotel reservation expert NACO Logistics Ltd, has issued a timely forecast regarding a potential surge in hotel accommodation prices. The company advises lawyers attending the conference to secure their reservations promptly to avoid being affected by the imminent price increase.

With the NBA-AGC drawing significant attention from conferees nationwide, the demand for hotel rooms during the conference period is expected to skyrocket. Additionally, NACO Logistics Ltd has received insider information from its partner hotels, indicating their intentions to review and revise their rates in the coming days. This development further emphasizes the urgency for lawyers to make their reservations promptly.

Recognizing the potential implications on accommodation availability and affordability, NACO Logistics Ltd urges lawyers to take immediate action in securing their hotel reservations for the conference. By booking early, conferees can guarantee their accommodations at discounted rate currently secured by NACO, avoiding any unpleasant surprises resulting from the expected price hike.

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