Funmi Quadri SAN was recently conferred as the intercontinental platinum Matron of ECOWAS Youth Parliament in Abuja.

The award was given to her in recognition of her contributions and achievements in the legal profession in Nigeria and Africa at large.

ECOWAS Youth Parliament was formed to serve the commanding height of all the Parliamentary Youth Organization under West African nations building, legislative and leadership capacity, imbibing doctrine of parliamentary procedure, ethics and values among young Africans.

With decades of its existence, the Parliament has made a lot of monumental gains and achievement since its formation.

The EYP is the officially recognized voice of 200 million young youths in West African States.

It is the largest and most diverse youth-led Parliament in the world.

While presenting the Matron ship card/ honorary to the Learned Silk, Youth Parliament representative said, “we believe in your capacity in youth development and this has made each of us to travel from different countries across Africa to present this award to you.

We are glad to present to you this Matron ship card/ honorary to further the aspiration of young African, ECOWAS Nationala and most importantly, Nigerian citizen’s area of need for peace, employment, education, agriculture intervention, security and justice for the benefit of young people and the nation at large.

“These is in pursuance of AU agenda “The Africa we want Agenda 2063.”

Funmi Quadri SAN, is a legal practitioner with hands-on experience in all areas of advocacy and legal writing. She is the Editor in chief of NSCQR reports (Nigerian Supreme Court Quaterly Law Reports).

She is also the Editor In Chief of Election Petition Reports. She has her Ph. D, in International Law and Legal Studies. She is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a Notary Public of the Federal Republic.