The quarterly meeting of the President-In-Council(PIC) consisting of the National Executive
Officers, Chairmen and Secretaries of CLASFON Branches all over the nation, as well as the
National Directors of CLASFON Directorates and their Secretaries, held in Lagos State to
deliberate and resolve policy matters as they affect CLASFON, the legal profession and our
dear nation, Nigeria.

At the end of the 2-day meeting presided over by the President of the Fellowship and
sequel to deliberations, the following resolutions were reached:


CLASFON calls on the Federal Government, all State Governments and their
agencies to respect the constitutional guarantee of independence of the Judiciary
and uphold the Rule of Law. The report of the alleged recent transfer of a Magistrate
in Nasarawa State over the issuance of a bench warrant against a Commissioner in
the State leaves a sour taste in the mouth as it undermines the independence of the
Judiciary, particularly when viewed against the background of the comment
credited to the Commissioner’s Aide. CLASFON calls upon all persons and agencies
that administer judicial institutions, to muster courage to resist attempts by politicians
and political functionaries to turn them into tools to achieve political ends.

CLASFON is worried about the increasingly alarming and pervasive incidence of
insecurity in Nigeria. While commending the efforts of security personnel saddled
with the duty of securing Nigeria, CLASFON joins other well-meaning Nigerians and
groups to call on the Federal Government to restructure its security architecture.
CLASFON states that the Nigerian Government should not merely declare that
Nigeria is safe and criticise the travel advisories released by the diplomatic missions of
some countries in Nigeria, including the United Kingdom and the United States, but it
must ensure that all tiers of government act with caution and take concrete and
measurable steps to adequately protect the citizens and other residents of Nigeria.
CLASFON calls on all relevant security agencies to brace up and discharge their
constitutional and legal mandates since no country can thrive or develop amid

As the 2023 elections draw closer, CLASFON calls on the Independent National
Electoral Commission (INEC) and other relevant agencies to take every step to
ensure a free, fair and credible election in line with the provisions of the extant
Electoral Act. CLASFON enjoins INEC to display the highest level of fidelity to the
Nigerian Constitution and the Electoral Act and reject every attempt by political
actors to hijack or derail the election process. Furthermore, CLASFON calls on the
Judiciary to live up to its expectation as a bold, just and independent institution and
as the last hope of the common man by acting as a watchdog of Nigerian
Constitution and electoral law in ensuring that the will of the people is not thwarted.
The Judiciary should be resolute and should not hesitate to dismiss frivolous suits with
no value other than to scuttle the electoral process to avoid a repeat of the sad and
unfortunate experience of 1993 when the courts were used to prepare the ground
for the infamous annulment of the June 12 Election.


CLASFON expresses concern over the disposition of the Federal Government to
tertiary education in recent time and its consequence of accelerating the rate of
decline in educational standards in Nigeria. CLASFON calls on the Federal
Government to accept the reality that education is the bedrock of any developed
society and that Section 18 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
1999 enjoins government to direct its policy towards meeting the educational
objectives of Nigeria. CLASFON commends the Academic Staff Union of Universities
(ASUU) for obeying the court order directing its members to go back to class and
urges the Federal Government to immediately address the concerns of ASUU and do
everything possible to avert a repeat of strike action by university teachers because
of its frequent disruption in the academic calendar.

CLASFON sympathises with all Nigerians, including lawyers, who were affected by the
recent flooding of various cities, towns and villages.
CLASFON frowns at the inability of the Federal Government to put adequate
measures in place to avoid what is becoming almost the yearly flood occurrence
which displaces a significant number of Nigerian citizens and destroy their means of
livelihood. CLASFON calls on the Federal Government to take necessary steps to
contain the overflowing banks of Nigeria’s major rivers and to provide leadership in
ameliorating the pains of affected flood victims.

CLASFON is concerned about the escalating rate of inflation in Nigeria, the constant
decline in the purchasing power of the Naira and the abysmal economic situation,
exacerbated by the government’s economic policies. Thus, CLASFON calls on the
Federal government and all its agencies to put in place humane and efficient
policies that will grow the Nigerian economy and improve the wellbeing of the
Nigerian people.

CLASFON also beckons on the Federal and State governments to come to the aid of
road commuters as most Federal and State roads have become death traps and
national embarrassment. CLASFON reminds the Federal and State governments that
the welfare of the people as enshrined in Chapter II of the Constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria, 1999, is the essence of governance and that the constitutional
right to freedom of movement guaranteed to Nigerians imposes an obligation on
government to provide facilities to enable the actualization of this right.


CLASFON believes that God rules over the affairs of Nigeria and implores all Nigerians
to put their trust in God as well as play their respective roles as good citizens as we
approach the 2023 General Elections. We pray God Almighty to cause His peace
that passes all understanding to reign in Nigeria in the most precious Name of Jesus
Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
Prof. John Oluwole A. Akintayo Precious Nwadimuya, Esq.
President National Secretary