A Lawyer and Vocal Human Rights Activist, Malcolm Omirhobo has urged Lagosians to defend themselves against thuggery and election violence tomorrow following what he termed the failure of the police to protect voters in Nigeria.


Recall that there has been palpable tension in the buildup to the gubernatorial election in Lagos State tomorrow with threats of violence especially from leaders of the ruling APC.

In a post on his Facebook page this evening, Mr Malcolm urged voters especially those in Lagos to defend themselves tomorrow as nobody has monopoly of violence.

He said, “I stand to be arrested and prosecuted . If the police is failing to take steps to protect voters in Nigeria particularly in Lagos , I urge all Nigerians who feel threatened by thugs wanting to deprive them from voting and harm them to go to their polling booths armed with 2 by 2 , 2 by 3 planks , iron rods , bottles , licenced guns , knives , daggers, cutlasses and dogs to defend their votes and themselves . No body or group of persons have the sole monopoly of violence . Enough is a enough # operation defend your self and vote . You have the backing of the law trust me.”