Today, the 23rd day of May marks the anniversary of your birthday, and just like the high sounding tone of your name, you have made high and mighty steps all the way, creating records.

You have excelled in different spheres of life. From the very intellectual “Can You Guess on EBS Radio”, to the highly entertaining “Top 10 Countdown on ITV”, and several ceremonies perfectly anchored and mastered, the entertainment and media world conquered. Your legal and media resume are indeed loaded. We are all ready for you to project the positive IMAGE of the Bar to the world.

Your career is a testament to your passion, hardwork, zest, and vigour. You have succeeded in very fierced political battles where others would not even dare, speaking truth to the powers that be in the process.

Your piquant and immaculate mien would win a prize for modelling. You are a worthy example of who and what a man should be – believe in a thing, go for it, not capable of being intimidated nor tamed by adversaries. I am reminded each time of the Biblical instructions in Matthew 6:22b. “if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Stay focused Bro.

An astute Bar man with the dream of upholding the finest and purest tenets of the profession of law.

A successful entrepreneur and a goal getter. The incoming image maker of the Bar, by the grace of God. You are truly publicity personified. We can’t just wait.

On this special occasion, I wish you a very blissful and highly successful year. May God’s grace and favour be increased in your life. Keep succeeding. Happy birthday Sir.

Sam Atoe, Esquire.