The Lion Bar has roared loud and clear again!

This time the Lion Bar has done so, in terms of an innovative novelty, a free Diary for all financially uptodate Members of the Lion Bar ,the only of its kind all across the 125 Branches of the Nigerian Bar Association nation wide .From the Princinct of the Sahara to the shores of the Atlantic ,the Lion Bar’s predilection for blazing the trail on issues is unassailable.

The beautifully crafted Diary with a glossy cover that has the Lion Bar boldly inscribed on it, is the brain child of the Pius Idemudia Oiwoh’s Led Lion Bar’s Exco .

The Unique Diary can also pass as a mini directory having the names and Phones numbers of all the Registrars and Bailiffs of all the Courts in Nigeria, within the Jurisdiction of Practice of Members of the Lion Bar .nulls, insurance companies, Federal Government Agencies, Public Holidays and other requisite contact details for the effective navigation of Members of the Lion Bar , in the complex melliu of legal practice.

The Diary is a master piece , a beauty to behold and a one stop information module that promises to be a delight to all Financial Members all year round .

On behalf of the Lion Bar Exco ,the Chairman of the NBA Benin Branch – the Lion Bar , Pius Idemudia Oiwoh AICMC ,wishes all its Members and all Lawyers generally a new year filled with bliss ,prosperity, good health and a thriving Law Practice devoid of any negative phenomena.

For the sake of the said contact details find below ,an e-copy of the Diary ,for ease of reference. As a Member collects his or her Stamp from the NBA Benin Bar House,he or she also collects a copy of the diary and a copy of the NBA Benin Bar Law Journal free of any charges. A promise made by Pius Oiwoh AICMC -the NBA Benin Branch ,the Lion Bar’s Chairman and a promise kept.

Piece Written By :

Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.,
Alternate Chairman,
Media and Publicity Committee,
Nigerian Bar Association,Benin Branch ,
The Lion Bar.


Click Here To Download An e-Copy Of The Diary