The Minister for Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN in celebration of his 59th birthday recently gathered well meaning Nigerian youths for a Gabfest,Themed what are we voting for?

He urged the youths to note that people do not vote leaders out of anger but with reason as “Democracy is not Divine but it is Man-made, hence we must all come out and participate in party politics starting from the local level as this is primary to every form of change”.

The minister suggested that as a strategy for local government politics participation National Assembly members who do not live in their constituencies should lose their seats”.

Talking about creating employments, he said everywhere in the world small or medium enterprises or businesses drive employment and productivity so this sector should be given the environment and finances to thrive .Contributing to the Gabfest, Tope Atiba one of the panelist says “I am voting a competent team. A team that has shown proof over the years with track records. A team that has Nigerians at heart because a vote is an investment and our negotiating power as a people.”

Amina Usman, another panelist, encouraged women to participate in party politics, especially contesting for positions, and not just be used as tools to gather votes during elections.She also noted that “Voter Apathy is an issue,” reminding Nigerians that “voting is a right,we should vote for our future and the future of other Nigerians”.

The minister urged the Nigerian youths to get involved in nation building and study the Nigerian constitution so as to be better informed.

In conclusion he urged Nigerians to go out and get their PVCs not in anger but for reason in exercising their civic responsibility.The sixth Babatunde Raji Fashola, BRF Gabfest focused at creating a platform for the active involvement of the youth in Nigeria’s future and was targeted at those who are sincerely concerned about the future of Nigeria, and the role young people have to play in that future.