It is important to restate that the indigenous ICT firm has been offering ICT service for the Damaturu Division of the Court on pro-bono, free of charge through the deployment of e-filing application, virtual Court sitting, and electronic hearing notice as part of their CSR to help in the administration of Judiciary while hoping that other court would tap from this benevolence.

One of the participants who spoke to us (Equity Press) at the end of the training, Mr. Sani Nuhu who is the Damaturu Station Registrar expressed great satisfaction with the training and the application deployed for them last year which has made their judicial duties easy and smooth.

He said the counsel can file and interact with the court from their respective locations and the stress of bringing inmates from Potiskum to Damaturu is no more through the possibility of the seamless virtual sitting, electronic hearing notice being coordinated by the firm.

“I do not know how best to thank them for their sacrifice on the efficiency of our work. My Lord does not need to travel with files anymore as everything is on the portal and counsel are happy with the development.

“Special thanks to the Chief Judge, and Milord Justice Aminu for identifying this talent, and with this training, we are super better as a court to provide effective and efficient judicial services.” Sani remarked