Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Geoffrey Onyeama, on Friday disclosed that contrary to reports in the media, nine Nigerian citizens and not 72 have tested positive for coronavirus in China.

He made this disclosure on Friday at the daily briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19.

According to Onyeama: “The media report mentioned that there were apparently 72 Nigerians who have tested positive to COVID-19 in China.

We have a Consulate in Guangzhou, which is the epicentre of all the things that are happening in China regarding COVID-19.

“The official figure that was given was nine Nigerians and as I understand it, our Consulate added that a number of Nigerians were asymptomatic but the figures that we had was nine.

“The Chinese ambassador talked about a plane that came into the country in which there were some Nigerian passengers who subsequently tested positive within that range of nine, 12. So where the figure 72 came from, I really have no idea whatsoever.”