Members of the NBA Abuja branch (Unity Bar), has joined workers all over the world to commemorate the 2021 May Day.

According to the statement by the Chairman Bulus Atsen, our focus this year calls for more introspection than any other time in their short history as a nation.

He said the challenges facing the Nigerian worker are also facing the Nation as a whole- insecurity, economic decline, and corruption to name a few.

“The dire economic reality of Nigerian workers is pitiful. This is evidenced by the surge in prices and spiraling economy.

“The constant state of insecurity across the length and breath of the country is tragic. In recent times, we have witnessed numerous attacks by terrorists. Citizens are being killed, dislodged from their ancestral homes or kidnapped, the vulnerable among us are not spared.

“Since 6th April, 2021, the courts in the country have been shut down due to the ongoing strike by the Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) demanding state executives to comply with the provisions of the constitution.

“There are agitations from workers in every other sector with threats of industrial action making the news cycle daily.”

The branch on this auspicious day, call on the Nigerian workers to take the responsibility of nation-building as a full time job.

“A vibrant workforce can overcome a failed leadership. If we complain about our leadership class, we must be ready to do better.

“We call on public servants to refuse to be used as agents of corruption by politicians.

“We call on workers in the public and private sectors to blow the whistle and expose fraud, corruption, embezzlement and the other vices killing our security infrastructure and our essential services.

“We call on the Trade Unions to exercise disciplinary action over their members. Nigerians have become distrustful of Trade Unions due to the lack of self awareness and accountability of the Civil Service and its leadership.

“The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) must as a matter of course, address corruption among its members. It must join forces with other leading organisations to hold the managers of public trust accountable.

“Security Agencies must stop interfering in civil disputes. You cannot continue to break the law in the name of enforcing the law. The system will collapse.

“The Federal Government must come to terms with the realities of common Nigerians who are compelled to negotiate for their lives with terrorists, who contribute monies to pay ransom, who cannot feed and who have become refugees in their own country.

“Media gagging and clamping down on free speech is a slippery slope. It never ends well for those who start it.

“This year’s May Day presents us with another opportunity to redirect the trajectory of Nigeria. It will be a shame if we fail to heed to wisdom and proceed in our current path.

“Today, we celebrate May Day in a sober mood in honour of those we have lost to insecurity and other avoidable circumstances. We pray that those vested with state powers will labour for our common good so we can have a reason to celebrate May Day 2022 in style,” the statement reads.